United States Vs. Jamaica 2013 Score Heats Up Concacaf Soccer

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United States vs. Jamaica 2013 (start time 3:36 PM PST) features two teams with dramatically different soccer records recently. USA has four wins, and one loss, in their last five matches. Jamaica, however, has no wins in their last five soccer games. They have given up three losses and two draws, reps remind news. With the exception of that infamous Costa Rica game, USA soccer has been undefeated much of this year. The team beat Bosnia in a friendly match back in August. Since then they have beat Mexico, final score 2-0, in a key qualifier. After today, USA will battle Panama on October 15, news analysts note. Jamaica, however, has had huge trouble this year. The team drawed with Mexico and then Panama in the spring. Then the team had four consecutive losses against Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, and Honduras.

Actually, the United States Has Defaulted Before

Concocted from lighter fluid, paint thinner and codeine tablets, krokodil is seen as an inexpensive substitute for heroin. The consequences of sustained use are gruesome evidence of the desperation of impoverished addicts. So far, use of krokodil seems largely confined to Russia and other former Soviet republics. Besides an apparent case in Massachusetts in April, addicts in the United States have not taken to krokodil so far. Scientists know very little about the homemade drug. Its psychoactive agent, desomorphine, was first synthesized in the United States in 1932 in the hope of finding a substitute for morphine that would be less nauseous and less addictive. But desomorphine is eight to 10 times as potent as morphine, and its effects come and go more quickly, which may be why the new drug proved even more addictive than the one it was intended to replace. The body metabolizes desomorphine quickly, which makes it difficult for doctors to know for sure whether someone has used krokodil. While the recent cases in Arizona are officially unconfirmed, the patients told physicians that they had taken the drug, according to a doctor at the Banner Poison Control and Drug Information Center in Phoenix. Desomorphine, however, is not why krokodil is so dangerous. About 10 years ago, Russians apparently discovered how to synthesize desomorphine at home using commercially available ingredients including red phosphorus, which they reportedly glean from the sides of matchboxes, and codeine, which until last year was available over the counter in Russia. The resulting substance contains several caustic byproducts.

Homemade heroin first developed in Russia may have come to the United States

It was unintentional. But it was indeed a default. And the nation still stands. But that hardly means we should run the experiment again and at larger scale. Zivney and Marcus examined what happened to T-bill interest rates as a result of this small, temporary default. They find a surprisingly large effect. As best they can tell, T-bill interest rates increased about 60 basis points after the first default and remained elevated for at least several months thereafter. A simple way to see that is to look at daily changes in T-bill yields: T-bill rates spiked upwards four times in the months around the default. In November 1978, Henry Dr. Doom Kaufman predicted that interest rates would rise. They did.