New York Jets’ Week 6: What Twitter’s Saying About Matchup With Steelers

Saying goodbye to New York

This event was surreal as it was, but sitting on a load of fans isnt what I expected to happen, the British actor told the News, but New York is full of surprises. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Jennifer Hashimoto dressed as Cat Women. At the ripe old age of 3, aspiring Wonder Woman Tesla Muchado is already a three-year veteran of New York Comic Con and was excited to pose for a photo with an adult, Helene Waldermarson, 26, dressed as her favorite superhero. Im Wonder Woman, said Tesla. I like all Wonder Womans! Bryan Pace for New York Daily News “Joker” 30 y/o Carlos Maya feeds his “Batman” son 6-month-old Isaac Maya. Richard Benitez, 21, South Ozone Park, decided he wanted to dress up as Aquaman five months ago in a golden chain-mail shirt that took him 50 hours to sew by hand. Ive lost 50 pounds specifically so I could look like Aquaman, he says. I was very, very committed. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Nicole Marino and 18-year-old Canielle Marion attend as Purple and Red Raven of the Teen Titans. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24-year-old Adam Ash as Deadpool and 23-year-old Kristin Sivla as a nurse from Silent Hill. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Elisa Lovelie attends as “Lady Mechanika”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 19-year-old Michaela Conti dresses as a character from anime show “Panty & Stocking”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24 y/o Amy Siriamonthep dressed as Harley Quinn. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 20-year-old Marisa Semioli as Black Cat.

Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

This is the point of Joan Didions 1967 essay Goodbye to All That (published in her landmark collection Slouching Towards Bethlehem); All I mean is that I was very young in New York, she writes, and that at some point the golden rhythm was broken, and I am not that young anymore. Didions line serves as the epigraph for Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York (Seal Press: 270 pp., $16 paper), edited by Sari Botton and featuring essays by 28 writers including Hope Edelman, Roxane Gay, Dani Shapiro, Rebecca Wolff,Meghan Daum and Cheryl Strayed. In many ways, it can be read as a follow-up to Kathleen Norris 1995 anthology Leaving New York: Writers Look Back, which reprinted, along with work by Frank Conroy, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Mona Simpson, the original Didion piece, although that book took a more historical overview. Both collections get at the sense of hope (or ambition) with which New York seduces us, as well as how living in the city can turn, leaving us with wistfulness and regret. I am, I should admit, very susceptible to such a message; as a native New Yorker, I know firsthand the highs and lows of living in the city; I left, also, in my late 20s, although to this day, I continue to feel its pull. And yet, Im no longer very young, which is why, perhaps, I relate most viscerally to the writers in Goodbye to All That I have mentioned, to their experience and their years. When Edelman tells us, I felt certain Id cycle back some day: it didnt seem possible for me to ever break free of New Yorks gravitational pull. But married life developed its own momentum, I know exactly what she means. I, too, came to California for a couple of years at most a couple of years that have now lasted longer than two decades. And when Ann Hood describes, in her magnificent Manhattan, Always Out of Reach, the experience of losing her 5-year-old daughter Grace to a virulent form of strep, she exposes the key lie we tell ourselves about iconic places: that they will save us, protect us, in some way, from ourselves. New York didnt matter, Hood writes of the aftermath of Graces dying. Nothing mattered….

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Conversely, the Steelers benefited from a much-needed Week 5 bye to address the team’s underachievement thus far. Over the past few days, many have taken to Twitter to make predictions, share news and breakdown statistics in preparation for this AFC showdown. One of the biggest changes that resulted from Pittsburgh’s bye week was not made on the practice field. Rather, it was a change made to the Steeler’s locker room. Mike Tomlin bans all games from Steelers locker room after 0-4 start SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 10, 2013 Apparently, Mike Tomlin wants his players focused on passing patterns and defensive schemes rather than stripes and solids. The Pittsburgh defense has had a lot to consider since watching Geno Smith’s impressive Monday Night Football debut. Smith showed that when he does not turn the ball over, he can be a very effective offensive leader for Gang Green. To beat the Jets, the Steelers will have to create takeaways on defense. However, that has been a challenge for Pittsburgh all season. #Jets Geno Smith has thrown for 6 TDs and 3 INTs in 3 wins, but 1 TD and 5 INTs in 2 losses. #Steelers are the only team yet to create a TO. Jerry Sullivan (@TBNSully) October 10, 2013 Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense will have their work cut out for them as they line up against the second-best defense in the NFL. Roethlisberger’s signature ability to avoid the pass rush and extend plays has been generally absent this season. Instead, Big Ben has thrown five interceptions and coughed up as many fumbles. However, the Jets’ defense will be slightly depleted this weekend. Linebacker Antwan Barnes suffered a season-ending knee injury in the Jets’ win over Atlanta and has been placed on IR. And star cornerback Antonio Cromartie will be playing on a hyperextended knee. Just want to take the time to thank everyone who is supporting me through this time…my spirits is still high and I will be back..