New York Giants

MetLife Stadium

city to host the Super Bowl. — Information from the New York Giants media guide was used in this description SEATING NOTES: General: Guests are welcome to carry-in: –Bags or purses that are 12″ x 12″ x 12″ or less in size. All bags will be subject to search. –Food contained in a clear plastic bag. –Factory-sealed, plastic bottles of water that are 20 ounces or less in size (caps will be removed by Safety Services staff). –Jackets or blankets after being patted down or searched. Guests may not carry-in the following items: –Bottles, cans, hard-sided coolers, thermoses or ice chests. –Alcohol of any kind. –Weapons or anything that can be used as a projectile or is deemed dangerous. –Banners, signs or flags of any size. –Footballs, frisbees, beach balls, laser pointers, strollers or umbrellas. –Any animal with the exception of a service animal. –Any other item deemed inappropriate at the discretion of management.

New York biker bash and attack on SUV a polarizing event

The organization, in Independence, Mo., trains law enforcement in how to deal with motorcycle gangs. Cook compared rides such as Hollywood’s Block Party to mobile flash-mobs, with groups of riders on powerful motorbikes performing wheelies and other stunts as they weave through traffic. “They’ll try to close down a major interstate so they can perform this stuff, and the bottom line is that it’s extremely dangerous,” Cook said. “These guys are obviously looking for attention, and there are times and places for things like this, but in the middle of any public roadway is just not the place.” Participants in the New York event who have spoken out deny wrongdoing. Two of the motorcyclists who are not among those charged, Louis Castaldo and Michael Anthony, told the New Jersey TV station PIX11 that Lien was the aggressor and started the problem by hitting a biker as he tried to plow through the pack when it was moving onto the West Side Highway from West 57th Street. That prompted the bikers to follow Lien, Castaldo and Anthony said, and when Lien did not stop, the situation escalated. “In my opinion he made the situation worse by not stopping, by choosing to flee the initial scene,” Anthony said. If video of that first encounter exists, it has not materialized. Video of Lien being beaten, however, and of previous rallies showing Hollywood Stuntz-organized packs tearing along sidewalks, blocking in motorists in cars, weaving between lanes on busy streets and performing wheelies in intersections has drawn scorn from other motorcyclists. They call such riders “squids” and say these massive gatherings give all motorcyclists a bad name. “Stupidity in large numbers,” one rider posted on an online forum. “Those motorcyclists were complete jackasses and had what was coming to them,” wrote another on the same forum, Edwin Mieses Jr., the 32-year-old motorcyclist run over by Lien, remains hospitalized. Mieses’ wife has said he may be paralyzed. The riders charged so far face felonies that include first-degree assault to rioting.