Food Festival A Big Hit In This Year’s Dasara

They’re adding a few more perishables. Are they really making a difference? I don’t think so. Walgreens says it will expand the space it devotes to food by 35 to 40 percent in some of its stores. But, Livingston notes, that translates to roughly 400 square feet. That’s 20 by 20, Livingston said. That’s the size of my bathroom. Livingston and other analysts point out that grocery stores pulled out of these neighborhoods for a reason. If there’s money to be made selling fresh produce, grocery stores would have figured it out, he said. I wonder what they’re thinking. Marjorie Sawicki, and assistant professor of nutrition and dietetics at St. Louis University , said she believes Walgreens produce may make a small dent in nutrition-poor diets. Where we have food deserts, if there are fruits and vegetables, it might help, because there’s a Walgreens on every block, Sawicki said. If they displace items that are filled with sodium and fat, then it could have a benefit. It depends on how they emphasize the food. Bringing healthy food to under-served neighborhoods will require a more holistic approach, Sawicki says. I think it’s a Band-Aid, she said.

10 Gross Food Trends to Avoid

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In fact, if you save those Scandal episodes for when you’re running on the treadmill, it will make exercise more entertaining, says Prevention’s fitness expert Chris Freytag. And you’ll be less likely to call your delivery guy while you’re getting your sweat on. (For even more ways to sneak a little activity into your busy day, check out these 25 ways to fit in 10 minutes of exercise !) Food Trends to Avoid S.O.S. (Save our sauce) Because the chemical preservative Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) has been linked to stomach tumors in rat studies, the National Toxicology Program put this chemical on its naughty list. But that didn’t necessarily mean that it was eliminated from the shelves. In fact, the potential carcinogen is still in some foods like the ranch dressing at Carl’s Jr. (makes you a little less happy you opted for the salad, eh?). But the story doesn’t end there. Since the preservative used to be commonly used in everyday items like potato chips, cereal, and chewing gum, there is a chance that more BHA is lurking in some of our go-to foods. Buck the Trend Be sure to check ingredient labels for BHA. Better yet, whip up your own! Try one of these best 5-ingredient dressings from Prevention editors.

Tarpaulin, food dispatched as monster storm approaches India

One programme which has left the people mesmerized is this year’s dasara “food festival” where the visitors number has crossed couple of lakhs. Food festival has outwitted all the other programmes as far as the number of visitors is concerned. Eight days food mela which got concluded here saw more than 5 lakh people visiting it and put capacity of their taste buds to test . Not only continental food items, most popular and sought after were the ethnic food items. Unlike in the food festivals in the past , this year half of the stalls were feeding ethnic north Karnataka food items. Surprisingly all these stalls serving whether be it the Jowar roti and yennbadanekai ( roti and fried brinjal) or the fast food like Hubli Dharwad’s girmit( puffed rice with masala) they were seen doing a brisk business with people queuing up before these stalls . “Where we get this opportunity to taste all the ethnic foods , this is an opportunity to not only taste the ethnic food items, even it provides us with an opportunity to understand the eating habits of our own people in North Karnataka” Priya Ramesh a housewife from Vijayanagar opined who was seen testing the taste of fried brinjal supplied with the roti at a stall owned by a group of women from Raichur. Even this was the scene at the stalls selling the continental food items. According to M Rajendra, chairman of the food committee, large increase in the number of visitors was due to sprawling space selected for the exhibition providing for ample space to park their vehicles and setting up of stalls by even star hotels. “Daily 50,000 to 60,000 people have visited the food festival venue daily beating all the records of any individual dasara programme in the past” he disclosed.

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Phailin, packing winds of at least 220 kph (137 mph) and was expected to cause a 3.4-m (11-foot) surge in sea levels when it hit the coast, India’s weather office said. Projections by the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Centre are much higher. The Indian army, navy and air force are on standby and 1,600 members of the National Disaster Response Force as well as boats and helicopters were deployed in strategic positions for rescue and relief operations. The European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO) says it has dispatched an expert to the area to coordinate with other aid groups and put in place contingency plans to help vulnerable communities if the cyclone’s impact is severe. “The European Commission, through its humanitarian aid department, is also preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” said a statement from the Commission. A United Nations official said the organisation was monitoring the cyclone and stood ready to assist India should the government request help. BETTER PREPARED India’s cyclone season runs from April to December, with severe storms often causing dozens of deaths, evacuations of tens of thousands of people from low-lying villages and wide damage to crops and property. In 1999, a super cyclone battered the coast of Odisha for 30 hours with wind speeds reaching 300 kph. It killed 10,000 people. Many of the people living along the coast are fishing and farming communities living hand-to-mouth in mud-and-brick or thatched houses, which are likely to be devastated by the gale force winds and thrashing rains. Their means of making a living such as fishing boats and crops could be lost, aid workers said. India’s disaster preparedness has improved dramatically in recent years, and aid workers praised precautions taken by authorities for Phailin such as early warning, pre-positioning of rations in shelters and orderly evacuations.