Food Day Chicago 2013 Thoughts While Completing The Chicago Marathon

Udon is Japanese food, not Chinese food. Later in the video, Gold and her friends dance around a barbecue. The dancers are made up to resemble geisha and theyre wearing kimonos; geisha and kimonos are Japanese, not Chinese. At one point, Gold and the panda play Monopoly, and the camera zooms in on Oriental Avenue. Oh, and theres a gong at the end. Screenshot from Chinese Food The fact that many Chinese restaurants in America serve foods from more than one Asian country will probably be used in a defense of the video, but thats a straw-man argument. Chinese Food is not racist because it depicts pan-Asian cuisine; its racist because it lazily traffics in racial stereotypes and paints over the distinctions between vastly different Asian cultures with the same its all Chinese to me! brush. Its difficult to tell whether Wilson understands that the song he wrote deals in harmful misinformation, but judging by his earnest responses to Rebecca Blacks success, its likely thats not the case. Chinese Food is another example of the kind of cultural tribute thats harmful even when it lacks malicious intent the reason many Americans still dont understand why, for example, the song What Made the Red Man Red from Peter Pan is racist, or why calling Washington D.C.s NFL team the Redskins is not okay. Theyre not explicitly hateful, of course, or even vicious, but they are ignorant and diminishing towards huge swathes of people, reinforcing ideas about them that are vastly overgeneralized and demeaning. A communication breakdown still exists in the space between the celebration of multiculturalism and the commitment of hate crimes, a space where people mean well and certainly dont consider themselves racist, but still obliviously inflict damage and then refuse to acknowledge its existence or impact. Yesterday, Gawkers Cord Jefferson wrote a thoughtful article that explained how racism exists not just in overtly hateful thoughts and comments, but in the framework of plausible deniability that builds up around racism and how insane that plausible deniability can make people feel. Like those terrible Asian schoolgirl jokes on Seth MacFarlanes new sitcom Dads, Chinese Food can attempt to hide behind the post-racial America argument, the one that says that its okay to exploit stereotypes because they cant do us any harm, not anymore but it will fail.

I was a charity runner. I finished though I wouldn’t call it running. I participated and completed the course in over 6 hours, which gave me a long time to think about a lot of things. Change of fortunes, hourly jobs that take up more time than they really pay, a really low fitness level, all those factors contributed to my thinking in mid-August that I needed an exercise intervention and I decided to enter the 2013 Chicago marathon for Best Buddies Illinois , a fantastic charity supporting people with disabilities in entering the workforce, that a friend of mine was involved with. As I finished, I was surrounded by plenty of people at the back of the pack and I even managed to arrive while Goose Island was still serving beer. A beer never tastes better than at the end of a marathon or long endurance event. Thank you Goose Island! On the course, given my slow pace I saw a lot. I saw Emily go by with 10 nametags pinned to her back of people she was running for a cure for. I started to think about one of the reasons that I am involved in sustainable food, Edible Chicago magazine, the online site The Local Beet , was with the hope that as people get more aware of the food they are eating and where it comes from, perhaps fewer people will come down with cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, many of the disease charities that runners were in the race for. All these charities are focused on raising money for a “cure” but the power of real, well grown vegetables from good seeds with their antioxidants and nutrients is an integral part of making your body stronger to prevent these diseases.