Clients that London escorts Encounter

In the world of prostitution and the entire sex industry, there are different kinds of men who see escorts and prostitutes. These men come from a variety of personal backgrounds in all walks of life. Some are already type casted into some sort of a client stereotype. But there are still other male clients that are different from the stereotyped clients. An example would be a client who is scandalously popular for lifting escorts over his shoulders in the air. Others only want to have fetish activities with a prostitute and some clients like to kiss all night long. Most of them either like an escort for companionship or sex.

For several decades, escorts and prostitutes have already encountered different men as clients for bookings and appointments. With the different male clients that women in prostitution encounter, they have summarized several commonalities that have been observed with every meet ups. These categories cannot be further simplified, because there is a rich diversity among clients.

Here, we will look at the most common clients that escorts encounter.

Male clients who are nice guys usually broken hearted with long-time girlfriends or divorced: These are the usual clients that visit escorts. Generally, these men are in ages from early 20s to late 40s. They are the most considerate and sweetest client a prostitute could ever have. Usually, they do not want to see escorts, but they do not have any other alternative in having sex in any other place. They are the most desirable client an escort can ever meet up. However, they just do not want to be conventional when it comes to society’s normal standards in working with women in prostitution. These types of clients normally prefer escorts who are intellectual and outwardly normal. As a client, he makes sure that the woman is pleasured and satisfied first before he is.

However, the problem with nice clients is that they tend to fall in love easily. Since these men are broken-hearted, they are predicted to get easily emotionally involved with an escort. Once you encounter this type of client, always say no whenever he asks for your number or a Dating out.

Male clients who are currently married: These men are also prevalent in the sex industry. Some London escorts regard their best clients to be the men who are married. They are considered as the loveliest client in the sex industry. But this is also the reason why they become the worse clients. They tend to become too good to be true: very affectionate, respectful and loving yet they are cheating their wives.

Men who always like to book for “new” escorts: For independent prostitutes, this type of client is very rare. However, for escorts who are in an agency, they usually encounter male clients who look for “new” girls in the business. By new girls, this refers to the girls who are really new in the sex industry, new to an area, or new to a certain escort establishment. These men are the most disgusting of them all, because they are considered “soul-less” who are just waiting for newbies to play horrible games with them.

Clients like these men seek for fresh escorts because they want to exploit these women in prostitution, since they are still new to the industry and don’t have any control over the rules and guidelines in an escort-related service. Basically, these men lure or even force new girls in the sex industry to perform sexual activities that are not comfortable to the girls. These men essentially do not know the true meaning of sex and intimacy, because they always seek for a new body to use.

Clients who have Madonna-whore complex, married or unmarried: These men are the type of clients who would like an escort or prostitute to act as what she is supposed to be – a whore, a vulgar. The minds of these men have been totally discouraged with the society’s view and opinion of women working in the sex industry. Most often, these men are the type who constantly watch porn and think that ladies are enjoying humiliating acts of sexual pleasure. These clients also are more into a dominance and submission thing, where a client enjoys the act of violence with sex. However, there are men who just enjoy seeing violence on others and having that feeling that the escort is deserving of the exploitation. Generally, they tend to like prostitutes who have fake breasts and plumped up injected lips etc.

Men who like “assets”: When we say assets in the sex industry, it means that the client is more likely to book an escort with bigger breasts or bigger butt for instance. Just like all of the society, clients also have different perspectives and views on prostitutes and other women in the sex trade.

Generally, there are two types of “assets” man: (1) a client who only loves large natural breasts and (2) a client who loves big breasts, whether they are natural or fake.

These men have different ideas and thoughts on how they will use prostitute’s big breasts during an encounter. Some clients want to just suck the prostitute’s nipples for a long period of time, while others like to smother their faces in the escort’s breasts. There are a few, adventurous clients who like to wrap their private organ between a prostitute’s breasts and bring them pleasure.

These clients do not just go for big breasts. They also are “in” for prostitutes with large butts. They are often called “ass worshippers.” Some men just admire the fact that the prostitute has a big bottom, while others love licking the backside completely. For most clients who love big asses, it is not necessary for them to do anal sex rather they just enjoy big butts as an asset. Men like this find most of their sexual pleasure through worshipping big butts or just by licking the “hole.”

Whatever type of client a prostitute may encounter, she sees to it that every encounter is successful, especially when the client is nice. This can make a first time client a regular one and can give her a higher payment.